Hello, this is Jane Kim.



Hello, this is Jane Kim.


Currently a Sr. Product Manager & Growth Strategist at IBM. Background in Experience Design. A natural dot connector ·-·-·-·.


Work Experience


Sr. Product Manager & Growth Strategy Lead, Partner Platforms (Startup & ISV) · October 2017 - Today

Currently, I’m the Senior Product Manager & Growth Strategy Lead for IBM’s global partner platforms focused on startups and SMB tech companies (IBM Partners & Startup With IBM). In my capacity as a team lead, I manage a cross functional team and ensure the growth of thousands of partners by developing scalable solutions and programs that help our partners develop innovative B2B tech solutions, sell thru IBM channels and scale globally. 

  • Manage a cross-functional team to build digital tools and sales channels that help partners develop innovative solutions on Cloud, sell thru IBM channels and scale their business globally

  • Set a strategic direction to ensure the growth of thousands of partners in our programs globally

  • Build consensus with stakeholders, develop roadmap and manage sprints to execute efficiently in an Agile environment

  • Lead decision making processes with data analysis, partner interviews and various testings

With my past experience in Design, I often use Enterprise Design Thinking to lead the team thru ideation, research and roadmap development to keep the team focused on developing user-centric tools and digital experience.


Entrepreneurial Experience


Director of Early Career Mentorship Program · October 2018 - Today

Pitched and formed partnership with AIGA, a nation-wide professional design organization with over 70 chapters and 25,000 members.

Co-designed the mentorship program from the ground up, successfully launched pilot.

Responsible for program success and currently managing 20+ mentors and mentees in program.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 11.15.58 AM.png

Founder & Organizer · November 2018 - Today

A supper club gathering entrepreneurs, biz leaders and creative minds across industries in NYC to bridge different worlds.

It is a micro-gathering of people from different industries and friend groups to initiate meaningful conversations about career, growth and life. Email to join our small group brunch.

IG: @gateredny


Past Work Experience


UX Strategy and Design Lead · July 2014 - Sep 2017

Since joining in 2014, my team researched, built and delivered user centric commerce platforms including B2B quote-to-order experience, B2C product configuration experience and integrated commerce experience driving the company's cloud mission from the forefront.

IBM puts a big emphasis on user centered design and the commitment for it is evident through IBM Design, which has grown exponentially in the past few years. Besides using the design thinking methodology to solve business and user problems at scale, I've also been an active design thinking workshop facilitator.

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Quote to Order experience for IBM business partners


UX & UI Design Lead:

Led a design of end-to-end customer experience applying the Design Thinking methodology from start to finish. Based on competitor research and user interviews my team created the quote purchase experience solving the specific painpoints of business partners' workflow and improving how IBM does businesses with them.

Worked closely with a product manager and engineers to gather business requirements and understand technical feasibility. Facilitated design thinking exercises with all functions of the business to further identify opportunity areas and create a product roadmap that ensures delivery of user value in each sprint as well as business value.

To start off the project, I created a user journey and system flowchart to analyze the as-is experience. After the Design Thinking workshop and possible opportunity areas were defined, a to-be scenario flowchart was created to clearly document and effectively communicate the vision with various functions of the business. By leading the end-to-end journey mapping and filling in the gap of a business analyst in my team, I aligned the business and the systems/technical process.

Being part of a globally distributed team, effective remote collaboration is key to success. Throughout the project I led various collaboration sessions including use of Mural boards to brainstorm ideas with designers, product managers, engineers and subject matter experts located in three different continents to engage the team and to get different perspectives from various functions other than design.

Value mapping session wad done with a lead architect and a product manager to evaluate value to user and feasibility for the team to create a product roadmap that aligns with the team's agile framework.


Product Configuration Experience


Lead UX & UI Design:

Led a cross-functional team to build a user centric product configuration experience in IBM Marketplace for 400+ complex products IBM offers to allow users to successfully explore and customize the products for their specific needs. The user type for IBM Marketplace varies from individual users to mid size companies to enterprise clients. User interviews were conducted with each user type to ensure the experience was providing user value to the identified users, enabling users with the capabilities of a big enterprise but presented in a simple, individual consumer based product way.

Gathered business requirements and interfaced with stakeholders to manage and negotiate expectations. Worked closely with architects as well to understand the technical feasibility and to maximize user value while meeting business and technical requirements.


Subscription Renewal Commerce Experience

Lead UX & UI Design:

To create a successful B2B subscription renewal experience my team designed an email template and notification system to successfully notify the customers when they are coming up for renewal and to enable them to easily take action. This drove business transformation of multiple groups within IBM by successfully taking a sales rep based business process to online where customers can easily self-serve and developing a new business process to compensate the reps fairly.

With this new experience, our B2B customers can now renew their crucial support subscriptions within minutes online, which is a huge success compared to days or months they use to spend to understand the quote, interact with a sales rep and place and renew through a rep.

Our main customer goal was to remove all unnecessary wait time they used to spend without having any visibility into the progress. Our business goal was to remove smaller deals from reps' responsibilities and route them via our online experience in order to enable reps to focus on bigger deals that require rep interaction.


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Side Hustles

Artboard 1 copy@2x-100.jpg

Women at IBM | NYC

Brand Experience Design & Messaging


New York State

Bill Tracker

Design & Development · 2014 - present

A search tool that displays New York State's legislature bill data in a more pleasant and efficient way. The goal was to rethink the usual process of long and boring bill searching. It is using the state's API to retrieve the data and underscore js. is being used to organize the content.

I am using APIs from

This started as a small passion project of mine in 2014 and it is still being worked on. My interest in transforming a not-so-fun and inaccessible legislation information into something that is more digestible and interesting has led me to this experiment/project.

My mission was to bridge the gap between the government and the general public.


Branding, Interaction & Visual Design · 2017

Fleischman salon is an exclusive, high-end men's salon in New York City. I overhauled the brand, visual and interactive design to provide an online presence that matches their sophisticated in-store experience. The result is an elegant and modern website with just the right amount of edge.

The site features a haircut selector, which allows customers to easily select the attributes for a type of haircut they want and browse examples that matches the attributes.


Content Innovation Agency at NBCUniversal

UX and Graphic Design & Marketing Strategy · 2013

Created “The Voice”, reality television singing competition broadcast, on-air spot graphics working with a distributed production team.


Graphic Design & Project Management · 2012

Working at Little Fury, a design agency in NYC, I designed a company field guide to clearly communicate Chobani's mission and business strategy to its employees. This was paired with the branding and packaging design work the team did for the new product line at the time, Chobani "Flip."